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Official Home of The Lords and Ladies of Fate Gaming Community


You are the Lords or Ladies of Fate!
Together we will
Go On Grand Adventures
Solve Mysteries
Sing Random Songs
Spit Hilarious One Liners

​Get Distracted From The Mission
Argue With Each other and Ultimately Completely Derail The Game


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About Us

You may be asking yourself, who are the Lords and Ladies of Fate? The answer is anyone and everyone who watches our streams! We stream various tabletop RPGs but give our audience fate chips that can be used to change the fate of the games. These redemptions allow for a much more interactive experience for the audience than most other TTRPG streams. This idea came to life when one of our channel creators lost his father at the beginning of the Covid-19 breakout. His fondest memories of his father were sitting under their dining room table listening to his father and his friends play D&D and wishing he was old enough to join them. His father had played for many years and won small awards for GMing and Role-playing ability but he only had the opportunity to play with him one time. So he thought what better way to honor his dad while simultaneously spending time with good friends and providing the interactive experience Twitch offers to include the audience in the fun! We try to provide an inclusive space for everyone to express their creativity by having a rotating catalog of games and players, frequently drawing on new participants as much as possible. Though we are primarily in this just to have fun, we hope to grow our channel following enough to build a thriving gaming community that supports each other and the TTRPG community as a whole.

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