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Official Home of The Architects of Fate Gaming Community


You are the Architects of Fate!
Together we will
Go On Grand Adventures
Solve Mysteries
Sing Random Songs
Spit Hilarious One Liners

​Get Distracted From The Mission
Argue With Each other and Ultimately Completely Derail The Game


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About Us

Welcome to the Architects of Fate!

United, we embark on magnificent quests, unravel enigmatic mysteries, indulge in spontaneous melodies, and exchange witty repartees. We may occasionally lose focus from our mission, engage in friendly debates, and on occasion, altogether divert the course of our game.

Who are we?

We are the Architects of Fate, an inclusive community born out of passion for tabletop RPG streaming. Our identity extends to every individual who partakes in our broadcasts. Our unique interactive model allows our audience to employ 'fate chips' capable of altering the course of the games, thereby offering an unparalleled engaging experience in the realm of TTRPG streams.

The inception of Architects of Fate traces back to a poignant personal story. One of our founders, grappling with the loss of his father during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, found solace in an idea. His cherished childhood memories were centered around his father's Dungeons & Dragons sessions, and he longed to partake in them. Despite his father's long history of role-playing and Game Mastering accolades, he only had the chance to play with him once. This personal narrative was the genesis of Architects of Fate, a platform to honor his father, enjoy quality time with friends, and leverage the interactivity of Twitch to include the audience in the excitement.

We aim to foster an environment that promotes creativity and inclusivity, characterized by a rotating roster of games and players. We frequently incorporate new participants, keeping the experience fresh and engaging. While our primary motivation is the sheer enjoyment of the gaming experience, we aspire to cultivate a robust gaming community. We hope to grow our channel and build a supportive network that uplifts each other and the TTRPG community at large.

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