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Games We Play


We at Architects of Fate proudly offer an extensive range of Tabletop RPG games, meticulously curated to cater to the diverse tastes of our community. Our repertoire includes titles such as the ever-popular Dungeons and Dragons 5E and its thrilling variants like Tomb of Annihilation and Curse of Strahd. For the sci-fi aficionados, we present renowned titles such as Star Wars and Star Trek, and the new Solar Patrol, and for the seekers of chaos and adventure, we have Rifts Megaversal Mayhem and Rifts Hitchhikers Guide to the Megaverse.

Our community thrives on inclusivity and diversity, and we are perpetually on the lookout for new members. We warmly invite individuals who share our enthusiasm for tabletop RPGs to join us, contribute to our vibrant community, and partake in the grand adventures that await.


  • Star Wars

  • Star Trek

  • Dungeons and Dragons 5E Tomb of Annihilation

  • Dungeons and Dragons 5E Edinia

  • Solar Patrol

  • Rifts Megaversal Mayhem

  • Rifts Hitchhikers Guide to the Megaverse

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