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Grrr – Bugbear Barbarian. A giant beast with the heart of gold. Grrr was thrown out and abandoned by his tribe at his coming of age, because he wasn’t tough enough. Or was it that he was too tough. Maybe because of his child-like nature. Honestly, he’s the only one who knows and I think everyone is too afraid to ask him. He was found by Halyheira on her many travels. Now, as a repayment for her kindness, he has pledged to do as Haly asks.


Halyheira (Haly) Aletheris – Half-Elf Druid. An astronomy sage with an attitude. Haly has spent most of her adult life in search of answers to many of life’s mysteries. Most recently, she has been on the hunt for her former teacher with the help of her friend, Grrr.


Poisonous Ghreye – Half-Orc Sorcerer. A former servant to a noble family in charge of an outlier town for the Humans. His parentage remains a mystery, even to himself. A member of the royal court, Orthian The Feared, cared for him in secret. He did so because of his secret Orcish heritage from generations and generations ago. Orthian taught Ghreye in the ways of sorcery, and helped him escape from the clutches of his oppressive host family.


Quinten – Half-Elf Warlock. At a young age, he was found by the mysterious secret society, The Order. Kept in the dark for most of his time there, a frustrated Quinten decided to leave the order and make a pact with the first lesser demon he could come across. Izzos was happy to oblige.


Sister Nova!

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