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Jeff or Tooobeeee is playing a stout halfling monk named Kenneth Noisewater.

Kenneth is a young monk experiencing the outside world for the first time, while he is a capable fighter his inexperience (and drinking problems) can often get the better of him and he is prone to mistakes.

He follows the goddess Lliira (Leer-ah) the Joybringer, and strives to bring happiness to everyone he meets and spread joy throughout the world.

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Name: Key Character: Xaiver Thach Race:

Variant Human Class: Rogue/Inquisitive

Backstory: Xaiver comes from a long line of academics and scholars who have made famous archeological discoveries. Xavier wanting to follow is the footsteps of his ancestors, he wants to find the next big thing. He's always been a little sheepish on the account of being in the books for most of his young life. Xavier is very knowledgeable and intuitive but lacks in combat, keeping his distance from the front lines.

player: nat2shabby (Tomb of Annihilation)

Character: Yacob Broos

Type: Ranger/Artificer Human

Strengths: Slicing and Dicing

Weaknesses: the Dark

Background: Years ago, two brother's Mike and Ike Broos, made a name for themselves as a famous monster hunter duo. They both settled in WaterDeep and started families. Mike became a blacksmith, and Ike an armorer. Mike's wife, Belinda, was an Alchemist and Edna, Ike's wife was a tinkerer. Mike and Belinda were unable to bear children, but Ike and Edna, had 7 sons. These sons grew up learning these trades at different proficiency. But they had a local reputation as loud boisterous group and are frequently referred to as the 'Bruise brothers'...a moniker that was a term of endearment for their father and uncle had become a mockery among the children. They all ventured out to make names for themselves but frequently get together to share stories and occasionally work together.

[7:58 PM]

Worships Artemis/Diana, the Godess of the Hunt

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LonelyFanz plays sorcerer who is a fire genashi (definitely not a cat) named Dakar Tharen.

Strengths: Fire, heat, affinity for darkness, languages,

Weaknesses: Names, dinosaurs Born to nobility with a silken tongue.

The Tharen family accumulated the vast of its wealth through trade of exotic wares and fine art/furnishings. The eldest of four Manny Tharen, Moe Tharen and Jackinta Tharen. Crafty at times, but quite the precocious scamp. Continually tells himself that he strives to be a hero of the people, yet often is self-serving and takes what wants. There are very few he considers to be friends. Mostly seeing the value in societal hierarchy.

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Player: Phelix (Tomb of Annihilation) Character: Scraaaaaahd

Type: Barbarian Human Lvl 3

Strengths: Really Strong, works in packs/teams

Weaknesses: overprotective, emotional, sense of fairness

Quirks/Habits: Vegetarian, Does not drink Alcohol, Likes to work out, comfortable with his body

Always trying to see the good in everyone and quick to try and form a pack whenever he can, the gigantic and mighty-thewed Scraaaaahd is not a typical barbarian. He has a deep sense of protectiveness and watches out for those weaker or helpless just as his wolf mothers Cheryl and Geraldine did for him when he was an infant.

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