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9 Star Skate Shop UPDATED

We have been making skate decks for over 40 years. With knowledge and experience we stand behind our product. Know that your decks were handcrafted with experienced wood workers. Not like the other guys from another country or machine made. Our team and riders thank you for your support and love. We hope you have a great experience with us and skateboarding just as we have for many years.

9 star skate shop


We are a true Mom & Pop shop and we care about making each customer happy. We don't have any employees; instead an owner processes each request and order with care. We appreciate your support and your patience as we work to assist everyone.

Hi, it's Chris here. I started Altar in 2010. Running the shop out of the back of a car, followed by a physical shop in Dartford in 2015.I then made the decision in 2020 to close the shop and run entirely online. This leaves more time to interact with the team, friends and the skateboarding community as a whole.Altar will be running online only for the foreseeable, but we will keep you updated if things are looking to change. I am passionate about Skateboarding and will answer questions and advise to my best ability - to customers, new an old. After all, we all started out with no idea!Please keep an eye on our website/instagram for all the jams, pop ups and events. Alongside footage and photos of the Altar family, from local skateboarding heroes to pro!100% SKATEBOARDER OWNED & OPERATED

With the blessing from 35th Avenue in Federal Way, 35th North (hence the name) opened up in 2001 in the University District of Seattle. That first location was a 300ft room with no windows next door to a tattoo shop above a used record shop. It was tiny, we had a row of decks, row of shoes and some trucks and wheels. It was our spot for when security was a little too hot at neighboring Red Square. In 2003 we got the opportunity to move and open up on Capitol Hill, where we have been for the last 17 years. Even though the neighborhood might have changed a little, we love what we do, where we do it and who we do it for.

Shop for a broad range of Converse skate shoes drawing inspiration from archival footwear and classic sportswear models of the past, but redesigned with upgrades for skateboarding. Browse from staple and iconic pieces like the Converse One Star Pro and CTAS Pro to modern signature footwear for Converse Skateboarding team riders, such as the Louie Lopez Converse models.

Established in 1908, Converse has had over a 100 year long history in shoe making. Characterised by the classic mainstay silhouette, the Chuck Taylor, Converse footwear has always managed to stay relevant throughout the ages with its simple and stylish design. Originally designing shoes for Tennis and Basketball players, Converse was adopted by skateboarders in the early 80's, especially the Chuck Taylor's and Jack Purcell's for their hard wearing rubber toe cap and grippy, flexible gum soles. In the mid to late 90s Converse began its first skate program with completely new models specifically designed for skateboarding. For a while Converse went quiet on the skate scene, but in 2009 they re-entered the skate market with a fresh outlook and new technology. This time re-jigging and improving classics such as the Chuck Taylor and One Star into skate appropriated shoes.

"To my knowledge, these are the first purpose-built skateboards designed for long distance skateboard paddling (poling). They're not for everyone, but they certainly are for anyone. World-class athletes battle tested this gear setting world records at the '22 Ultraskate. At that same event, novice endurance athletes set personal distance records on the very same gear. The nice wide and flat deck gives room for the important footwork necessary to get your hips pointing forward so you can switch arms and then quickly switch to the pumping stance or to the surf stance to avoid obstacles. These things just swim. It's very easy to pump. These are designed for athletes and anyone who wants learn to paddle and pump." - D. Sandusky; Head gear guy and Miami Ultraskate veteran.

Most skateboard trucks have flexible bushings which allow them to flex and rotate. Our patented HST Trucks use stiff springs and spherical wave cams that translate axle rotation into spring compression. These massive springs store the energy then give right it back to you. You don't need to lift the front to turn, just turn the board. HST trucks have smooth consistent rotations. The springs give strength and stability that enable the wheels to glide over road imperfections like you wouldn't believe.

Our patented HST Trucks were designed to simulate a surfboard on water. Do not expect them to feel like other skateboard trucks. They are so responsive that some people call them loose.Our trucks rotate up to 20 in both directions and lean up to 30. This movement is much greater than most other skateboard trucks.

Since each pair is hand assembled in Tampa Bay, FL and custom made for you, please allow 4 weeks for delivery. My team and I will be working super hard to get your skates to you as fast as possible! :)

This is Jacob Zander. He is the 23 year old CEO and Founder of Feel Your Soul. Jacob started Feel Your Soul when he was 21 in his 1 bedroom apartment and since then it has grown so much. His goal is to continue build a brand that inspires you to Feel Your Soul and chase your dream.

Buy Park roller skates. The Bont ParkStar roller skate takes the best of Bont innovation and turns it into a boot designed for Park Skating, Bowl Skating, Recreational Skating, and Street Skating. Style, Performance and Comfort combined into one skate park boot, all at an affordable price. From start to finish, the Bont ParkStar roller skate boot maintains Bont Skates high standard of quality. Did you know, for example, our boots are made by hand using lasts that have been perfected for over 45 years? Additionally, we add anti-stretch material to our skate boots, ensuring your quad boots last longer. We even considered the Anatomical Forefoot and Heel Shape in the design of our roller skate boots to provide you with the best stability and comfort. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor skating, these suede high ankle boots are ready for your next adventure!Buy the best park roller skates today in your choice of one of the three stock colors; Black, Purple or Red, vegan all Black or design your own in the latest and greatest way to customize your Bont skate park boots, MyBonts! We have been creating custom designs since 1975. Mix and match the colors to suit your style and stand out from the crowd.

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