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Vision Christian Bible College __HOT__

Historically, it has been this constituency vision that provided the impetus for a Bible college to be established and sustained. Constituency relations are an essential reality for Bible college administrators and faculty. It involves feeding constituency vision and feeding off that vision. While any Bible college president longs for guaranteed funding, the more probable truth of the matter is continued immersion in the constituency where vision for the task is frequently reborn and funded.

vision christian bible college

A Bible college cannot remain strong in terms of funds or students without constant and energetic interaction with its constituency. While this is time-consuming, it is not time wasted. The vision cast by a 15 constituency, whether verbalized or implied, must be a vision caught and assimilated by Bible college administrators and faculty. Most constituencies speak loud enough for a willing college leadership to hear. Vision and funding and future possibilities suffer when they are not heard.

No real or implied mandate can be maintained for continuing the educational process without students. When this is the case, constituency vision for the college remains merely a dream. Without students a Bible college is a nonentity. There is no need for faculty, facilities, or funds if student enrollments cannot be sustained. Students attract students. Therefore frequently restating the vision mandated by the constituency of the college can enlist current students to share that vision within their circles of influence. Potential students will attend where students they know are excited about attending.

College alumni can also make a significant impact on potential students in their local church by speaking of the benefit they received attending Bible college. Bible college alumni need encouragement from their college and opportunities from church leaders to be fully engaged in their church as volunteers or wherever possible as staff. All of this being the case, it becomes obvious the alumni of a Bible college must be continuously informed and inspired in the significant role they play in sustaining vision for their school.

For some students, Bible college attendance is a first academic experience living away from home. In this case the college is an extension of 16 the home and church where the student grew up. Others continue to live at home and remain active in their church while attending Bible college. Granted, many attend Bible college from non-Christian homes. However, the Christian home and church community generating the vision for the college have engendered expectations in prospective students progressing toward Bible college attendance.

The educating ethos of a college is shaped by faculty and support staff. If that ethos is not cradled in the vision of the constituency, a breech of trust occurs and disintegration takes place. This usually takes place over time, even years, but take place it will.

The proverbial chicken and egg question may be asked: whether it is the Christian constituency functioning primarily at the local church level or the Bible college administration and faculty functioning at the college level who are charged with casting and sustaining vision for Bible college education. The Christian constituency posited in the church came first and is first.

Without a visioning, student-sending, faculty-affirming, and funding constituency there is little future for a Bible college. No doubt, a Bible college administration and faculty can grant helpful assistance to a diverse Christian constituency in communicating and even providing some clarification and shape to a visioning mandate. However, behind a flourishing Bible college there is the vision of the constituency that continues to carry the college forward.

Emmaus is a fully accredited four-year college offering more than 20 professional and ministry degrees. Emmaus Athletics competes in the NCCAA Division II and the Midwest Christian College Conference.

Alan Scott was born and raised in Northern Illinois. He was converted at a young age. Shortly after his conversion, he sensed the call of God into full-time ministry. He attended North Central Bible College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has been in ministry for over 40 years. He received his Masters of Theology in 1998 and received his Doctorate in religion in 2003. He and his wife, Judy have traveled and ministered in India, Malaysia, Burundi, South Africa, England, Wales, Ireland, Czech Republic, Israel, Egypt, Philippines, Pribilof Islands, Singapore, Thailand, Central Europe, Hong Kong, China, Russia, and Indonesia. Their sons, Timothy and Michael Scott, produced the first Christian reality television series called "Travel the Road" that currently airs on Trinity Broadcast Network at 9:30 PM Saturday. Tim Scott and Will Decker (Tim Scott's missionary companion) are featured on this program as they take the Gospel to remote corners of the globe. Al & Judy have hosted the Praise the Lord Television program for Trinity Broadcast Network in Denver, Colorado. He was the president of Vision Christian Bible College of Denver from 1996-2003 (accredited college) and is the president of Challenge For Christ Ministries. His current project is to establish a full Gospel Bible College and Seminary in Papua New Guinea. He has an in-depth teaching on the Spirit-filled life, Work and Leading of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, Authority of the believer, Knowing our place and position in Christ, and the Gifts and Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The Awads, who met at Lee College in Calhoun, Georgia, first ventured to Bethlehem as independent missionaries in 1979, where they assisted at the bible college that his brother, the Rev. Bishara Awad, founded that year.

The core values that influence the mission and vision of Tabor College include a commitment to being Christ-centered in all aspects of life, a passion for learning, the promotion of service to others, and meaningful involvement in college and community activities. 041b061a72

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