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Lamborghini : The Man Behind The Legend FRENCH ...

In 1990, the replacement for Countach was launched. This car would also be designed by the legendary Marcello Gandini. Lamborghini Diablo. When it came, it was the fastest car in the world. Like the Countach, it had a large mid-mounted V12 behind the driver. The early cars had a 5.7-litre engine. Later variants had 6 litres. During the ten years the car is manufactured, almost 3 000 units roll off the production line. At the same time, the company changes owners three more times (!). First to a corporate group in Indonesia, and then to a Malaysian investment company.

Lamborghini : The Man Behind the Legend FRENCH ...

The American supercar Chrysler ME 412 debuts in Asphalt 9: Legends. Get behind the wheel of this legendary car and drive like you've never driven before. The Special Event will let you experience this breathtaking vehicle as it was meant to be at high speeds with no limits. 041b061a72

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