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iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers: everything you need to know

iOS 16, which was released today for everyone, comes with a range of new wallpapers. However, Apple has also introduced some new wallpapers that are exclusive to the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models. But, if you want to get these new wallpapers without having to buy a new device, you can download them right here.

As we previously detailed here on 9to5Mac, iOS 16 introduces a new wallpaper system due to the redesigned lock screen. Unfortunately, while the update introduces many new wallpapers, Apple has also removed virtually all of the old wallpapers.

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Recall for me the iPhone XS/R launch. Each iPhone XS or XR wallpaper had what appeared to be some far away planet. They ended up being soap bubbles, but aside the point. Point being, those wallpapers clearly hid the notch, which received a lot of backlash after the iPhone X (wallpapers) announcement a year prior.

Not to be outdone, the iPhone 14 Plus also comes in heavy with five different colorways, including its own purple option. Overall, I wish the device colors were a little stronger this generation. Throw some real color on these devices. Regardless, the iPhone 14 wallpapers really make a splash. Taking the bold colors to the wallpaper on each of these devices.

If you love hot, new, photo quality wallpapers, check us out every Sunday for the iDB Wallpapers of the Week. You can influence the section by catching up with me via @jim_gresham, where I curate our gallery. Submit images or repositories where one can find amazing images! Follow along for mid-week downloads, sneak peaks of upcoming posts, and general Apple hardware banter.

Apple packs the iPhone 14 with a unique set of colorful wallpapers. And just like last year, the new wallpapers match the color of the iPhone themselves. Both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro comes in different color options.

iPhone 14 wallpaper collection has a bunch of amazing wallpapers. If you like the above-listed wallpapers and want to use one on your phone or tablet, then you can grab the high-resolution photos. Apart from these wallpapers, iPhone 14 series bundles the new iOS 16 wallpapers, check it out.

Transform your device into a personalized masterpiece by adding some personality and style with the latest iPhone 14 wallpapers. Compiled with state-of-the-art designs, this array of wallpapers will showcase some of the most beautiful and scenic imagery. Choose the perfect fit for your iPhone that reflects your personal aesthetic and taste.

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If you came here just to find specific wallpapers designed for the newly launched yellow variant of iPhone 14, then look no further. Ever since the launch of the yellow variant of the iPhone 14, people are losing their minds over this masterpiece. Therefore, why not use specially designed wallpaper for the new color of iPhone 14?

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the current flagship devices from Apple, and it has some exciting new features such as Dynamic Island and Always-on display. Hence, to match the vibe, we bring you a series of premium, aesthetically pleasing wallpapers. Tap the download button below and level up your Pro game.

With so many options, it can be hard to choose the right wallpaper for your iPhone, but I am sure our recommendations will help you get there. These wallpapers are tempting enough to give a try, so why wait? Navigate through the series of stunning wallpapers and make them your own as soon as possible.

Despicable Me and the subsequent animated films were some of the funniest ones we have watched. Minions are some of the cutest cartoon characters ever made, and here they are, in their element in this cool Dynamic Island wallpaper.

These were some creative and unique wallpapers we could find for the Dynamic Island pill on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. We hope you liked these too, and make sure you use the link below each wallpaper to download them in the best resolution.

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series, a successor to the iPhone 13 series, in its September 2022 event. And the wait is finally over, or is it? Well, the pre-orders start from September 9th, meaning you cannot get hands-on instantly. However, you can download these cool iPhone 14 wallpapers to augment your experience for the time being.

Apple has released an updated set of wallpapers for users to download on their iPhones. With their multilayered colors and context, the newly designed wallpapers look elegant. The images may appear AI-generated at first glance, but they are unlikely.

These wallpapers are compatible with older iPhone models and the latest iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So, if you want to give your iPhone a fresh and updated look, check out these updated wallpapers from Apple.

You may wonder why Apple would release separate wallpapers for each color variant. They see this as a marketing strategy to create a sense of exclusivity and encourage users to purchase multiple devices in different colors. With this understanding, go ahead and check out the iPhone 14 wallpapers in 4K and download the ones you like.

Further, the iPhone 14 Series lineup is available in 5 colors: Starlight, Midnight, Purple, Blue, and (PRODUCT)RED. We would have liked to see the pastel Pink color, though. It was subtle, elegant, and so not pink-like. Without further ado, we present you these latest Apple iPhone wallpapers.

You can download these wallpapers by scrolling down and saving them to your device. On an iOS device you can tap and hold on the image in order to save. On an desktop you can right-click and then choose the download option.

Moreover, it will also help conserve battery life as the iPhone 14 Pro series features OLED displays. These panels only light up individual pixels when required while the rest are still turned off. Go ahead and download it.

Homer Jay Simpson, drooling over donuts is a great Dynamic Island wallpaper for all the fans of The Simpsons. Apart from being the protagonist of the show, Homer Simpson is also said to be one of the greatest animated comedic characters of all time. He is fat and lazy (just like me).

We come back again to another cute cat wallpaper. In this one, it seems like mommy cat is working on her computer while her kittens are messing around the Dynamic Island. A perfect representation of every mom working from home. Go ahead and download this cute wallpaper right away.

When we come across cute things, it boosts our mood and makes us happy. So, why not apply cute wallpaper on your iPhone 14 Pro? Also, in this wallpaper, an astronaut is using the Dynamic Island as binoculars (or some other futuristic gadget) and looking at you.

Many of us grew up watching SpongeBob SquarePants and every episode was hilarious and fun to watch. In this Dynamic Island wallpaper, SpongeBob and Patrick are hanging on the weight above an anchor that comes down from the Dynamic Island.

These are some of the best Dynamic Island wallpapers for the iPhone 14 Pro series that creatively hide the pill-shaped notch or utilize it as an accessory. Let us know which one is your favorite wallpaper and if you have some other creative Dynamic Island wallpapers for the iPhone 14 Pro, please share them with us in the comments below.

Starting with iOS 16, your iPhone's lock screen is so much more than just a long list of alerts and a clock stacked atop your wallpaper. You can now customize the first screen you see every time you pick up or wake your iPhone, including the font and color used for the clock. You'll also have the option to add widgets to your lock screen, giving you quick access to an app or information.

Of course, the new lock screen is getting plenty of attention after users update, and for good reason. It's just too much fun to use. Below I'll walk you through everything you need to know about picking your own interactive wallpaper, customizing the clock, and then adding widgets.

Widgets are an important part of the new lock screen experience on your iPhone, but the entire setup starts with being able to customize your wallpaper and the clock. It sounds rather mundane, but the truth is you can do some really cool things with your lock screen, photos, and the clock that in some ways bring your iPhone's screen to life -- all before you've ever unlocked your phone.

Creating a new lock screen will open a screen displaying quite a few different wallpaper options for you to pick from. Apple has some curated wallpapers in the Featured section, or you can scroll down to the Suggested Photos or Photo Shuffle sections. The former will pick photos that your iPhone has determined would look good on your lock screen, while the shuffle option will switch between random photos of your own choosing, or based on category. There are currently four different categories: People, Pets, Nature and Cities. You can select specific people to be included in the rotation, assuming you have face recognition turned on in the Photos app.

If you're looking for the clown fish wallpaper that Steve Jobs infamously used to unveil the original iPhone and is finally making an appearance in iOS 16, you'll find it as the last option in the Collections section.

When you select a wallpaper you like, you can swipe to the left or right across it to view different variations of it. For instance, when viewing the astronomy option you can see the entire solar system, the earth, a closeup of your location on the earth, or the moon.

Once you find one you like, tap Add at the top of the screen. You can either use it as a wallpaper pair as it is or select Customize Home Screen to use a different image for your home screen wallpaper.

Next, tap on the time to bring up eight different font options. Select the different fonts to preview what it'll look like with your specific wallpaper. Notice that if you have a photo set as your background without any widgets below the clock, the time disappears behind an item in the image. Not all images work with this unique feature, but when you find one that gets it right, it's pretty darn cool.

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