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External tools, like Zip Extractor, can help extract and store zip file contents. Zip Extractor is a web-based Chrome application that manages and keeps files on your Chromebook or Google Drive. When you use Zip Extractor, the tool will automatically sort the unzipped files into folders instead of sorting them as a hard drive would. When you open Zip Extractor, you will be given the option to set it as your default app for working with zipped files. - Google Drive

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Bad sector is a permanently damaged disk sector on a disk storage unit. When your hard drive has bad sectors, those sectors will not respond to read or write requests. In this case, you may encounter the "the file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents" error. To solve it, just follow the steps below to do bad sector repair.

Step 3: Right-click the drive you want to scan in the Devices and Drivers section on the right side of the window, and then click the Properties option.

What if you're a Mac user? How to fix files that cannot be opened or changed? The error indicates that Live does not have the required permissions to access the file. This happens when you try to open or save a file on the same machine, external hard drive, or any other location with restricted access.

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We need to mass export all laserfiche files to a hard-drive so we can copy them to google drive. How can this be accomplished without exporting each document separately. We have close to 30K documents.

Hi there, where is Export List Contents option in LF 10.2? I have a similar question, we are trying to download all the documents with metadata into a storage drive. I tried two ways of downloading the documents 1. download contents by right click on the folder and select Download Contents... 2. File->Download->Folder Contents. Both of them exported documents with metadata in a separate text file. The exported documents only contains the first page in each document(failed to export the second page onwards). Any idea to efficiently export the documents with metadata? Anyone has java sdk code to do this? thanks a lot.

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