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The Plutonia Experiment Wad Download !!TOP!!

Final doom in general is far from being nice and simple, I'm on map 28 on TNT and I just tried plutonia today with James Paddocks music. I had to use alot of save states to get to where I'm at on TNT evilution.

The Plutonia Experiment Wad Download

Download Zip:

Download the game or WAD from the links above. If you downloaded the game from, install the game and search for the WAD in the folder where you've installed the game. You'll leave the WAD file there for now, but remember its location; you'll need it in one of the steps below.

Far from earth, the UAC recommenced their experiments on one of the moons of Jupiter. A spaceship, mistaken for a supply vessel on radar, hovered above the base. Hideous demons poured out, blanketing the base with death. All your comrades were quickly slaughtered or zombified. This time, it's not about survival. It's about revenge.

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