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((NEW)) Download How Cashout Paypal With Limited Paypal Accounts Txt

I have used Paypal and Ebay for close to 15 years with out problem both as a seller and a buyer, but for the last 5 years only as a buyer and for limited amount of purchases. The other day I buy a Paypal Cash Card at the Dollar Store for 70 dollars, (the White Card with paypal on it) so I could pay a couple of sellers, I feel that amount is not a lot of lot of money for an account that is that old and never had any problems.

Download How Cashout paypal With Limited paypal Accounts txt

Hope you fine , i have same issue with paypal they freez my paypal account and a notice show in my paypal account your account freez 180days and you withdraw you amount after 180days , i have 1440$ in my account can you tell me procedure how i withdraw my amount .

Hi. I just opened a paypal account and linked a debit card to it. I made a purchase of $220, few minutes later I received a mail that my account has been limited. Is there any hope of getting the money back because I was trying to buy for somebody, not my money. Please assist me.

I was an employee of paypal and been with them for 3years now. Since the day I left them I realized to help people who is being affected with their holding of fund systems. Just send me an email at and well work on to that. ? Godbless!

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