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A timing strip is mounted on the printing element carriage, the timing strip having a plurality of slots therein and a home position at each end of the strip, such home positions being designated a HOME 1 and a HOME 2, with the HOME 1 position being a window or aperture in the timing strip at the left hand end thereof and the HOME 2 position being a web or blank area on the timing strip at the right hand end thereof. The HOME 1 and HOME 2 positions are recognized by the printer control logic as turn around points for the carriage and the printing elements. An optical sensor is carried by or supported from the printer and is in the form of a light emitting diode of the interruptor type wherein either edge of each slot can trigger the sensor to initiate a character dot pulse or signal. If the sensor does not sense either edge of a slot, that is, if no pulse is received within a predetermined time, the printer is in a home position. As mentioned above, the HOME 1 position is a light or window area and the HOME 2 position is a dark or solid area, which home positions are detected and the direction of movement of the printing element carriage is read by the printer control logic.

Around the TableHD

At the end of each line of printing, the paper is caused to be moved by an incremental dot feed arm 28 wherein in the case of a seven dot height matrix character, the feed arm will advance the paper in slow feed manner a total of seven times to complete the printing of a line of characters. A line feed arm 30 provides for advancing the printing paper at a line-to-line spacing which would advance the paper in a fast feed manner for the next line of characters. A forms compensation solenoid 32 and a slip or form stop solenoid 34 are provided for their respective functions although such solenoids and associated apparatus are not a part of the present invention. The bevel gear 20 is secured to one end of a drive shaft 36 for driving an ink ribbon in a cassette which is not shown, but which is normally attached across the front of the printing elements or solenoids 24 and to the frame of the printer so as to remain in one position as the solenoids are caused to be driven back and forth for printing operations by the drum cam 18. A timing strip 38 (see also FIGS. 1A and 1B) is secured to the carriage 22 to be moved back and forth across the printer and operates with a sensing device secured to the printer to provide delayed dot position signals for the printer control logic to actuate the print solenoids 24 at the proper dot column positions. A carriage home position (HOME 1) at the left end of the strip 38 is in the form of a window 40 and a home position (HOME 2) at the right end of the strip is in the form of a web area 42, such window and web areas being detected by sensing means to provide turn around of the carriage. 041b061a72

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