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Buy Life Insurance Leads Canada

Because life insurance policies often need nurturing to close deals, your aged leads are still highly valuable but available at a fraction of the cost, which can greatly increase your ROI and boost your sales pipeline.

buy life insurance leads canada

Life insurance leads are mostly generated online, through free life insurance quote websites like NerdWallet, QuickQuote, PolicyGenius, and other sites that ship these leads to multiple life insurance companies.

Typically, these leads are pounced on immediately by insurance salespeople, often bombarding their leads to the point of uninterest. Luckily for you, these once real-time leads become aged, which can then be sold on the secondary market for a fraction of the cost, especially when purchased in bulk.

We notify our prospects which insurance agents will contact them with their insurance quotes. Insurance leads are filtered per your specification and integrated with the most prominent insurance management software and quoting engines used by agents. We can deliver insurance sales leads to your email inbox, database, or quoting engine, all at the most competitive pricing.

Buying auto, home and life insurance leads and calls is only the beginning. EverQuote will also provide you with valuable resources and guidance that will help you recruit new producers, increase your bind rate and much more.

When insurance leads call, use their location and online interactions to automatically route them to your closest location. Or if you send calls to a call center, route them to the best agent to assist them based on what you know about the caller. A call tracking solution can help you route callers and provide data on them to your call center agents at the time of the call.

Our American-managed foreign call center is staffed with customer-friendly, tech-savvy employees. They are vetted for English fluency and sales experience, and trained in the fundamentals of life insurance and Medicare.

Spam folders, privacy laws and the Do Not Call Registry have unfortunately made connecting with insurance leads more difficult than in the past. But some tried-and-true prospecting tactics still work, such as:

It is well-known that there is a saturation of life insurance agents. Therefore, leads are hard to come by and need to be cultivated. Competing for leads can be incredibly difficult, but with the right strategies, leads can be generated. Here are some of the top 10 techniques to generate leads for life insurance.

Leads for life insurance are potential leads that can be onboarded as customers. They are leads that have been identified and qualified as having an interest in purchasing life insurance products or services.

Leads also provide insurance agents with an opportunity to build relationships and trust with potential customers. Agents can use leads to create a personal connection with their leads, which will help them close more sales and establish long-term relationships.

Third-party leads are leads from other companies or organizations that specialize in generating leads for life insurance agents. These leads may be purchased from a third-party lead provider, or they may be generated through online campaigns such as search engine marketing (SEM) and social media advertising.

Articles, podcasts, videos, infographics, and other forms of content can be used to build relationships with leads and drive leads toward your website. Content marketing focuses on providing leads with helpful, relevant, and actionable information, so leads can make an informed decision when it comes to life insurance products.

List your business on online directories and listing sites such as Yelp and Google My Business. These are free destinations leads can easily find when searching for life insurance agents in their local area.

Encourage leads to refer your life insurance services to their family, friends, and colleagues. It is a form of word-of-mouth marketing, which leads are more likely to trust as referrals come from people they know and like.

With advanced targeting capabilities and top-of-the-page location, Google Search Ads allow you to generate targeted leads for life insurance while also increasing ad visibility. These ads can be instrumental in driving leads toward your website and helping leads find you when they are searching for local life insurance agents.

As you can see, there are many techniques that insurance agents can use to generate leads for life insurance. However, it is important to remember that leads are only the beginning of a successful life insurance business.

As a specialist insurance intermediary, would you like to be able to buy fresh, relevant and genuine insurance leads that are delivered direct and in real time from the Internet to your office?

Perhaps you're a personal lines broker looking for non-standard insurance leads, or a commercial lines broker wanting insurance leads for specific classes of business. Perhaps your experience of buying insurance leads via the Internet has meant having to accept a number of leads that are not relevant to your particular area of expertise or worse, are several hours or even days old and of no use to you.

Not all insurance lead providers are the same - QuoteRack is different. We provide an alternative source of specialist insurance leads for brokers, agents and financial advisers who want only those types of 'hot lead' enquiries that they know they can place.

QuoteRack has been designed to provide Canada's specialist insurance brokers like you with immediate, quality leads from potential customers who have a genuine need for quotes for non-standard and non-mainstream insurance products and financial services.

We offer over 250 different types of Internet generated insurance lead, many of them niche and non-standard, including personal lines leads, commercial lines leads, life insurance leads - there is no minimum period of commitment, no contract, no up-front deposit required. Just Sign-up online, select the types of lead you wish to receive and that's it.

It's very simple - if you are a registered insurance broker or financial adviser, have a business landline telephone number and if you can receive business email (other than via a 'free' email account such as Hotmail, Yahoo etc), then you are potentially eligible to receive leads from QuoteRack.

Prices for our insurance leads are shown online - please go to the Broker Application page for pricing of all 250+ types of insurance lead. You only pay us for the leads - no commission, no up-front deposit, no renewal payments.

We have proven our value to national companies including Allstate, Farmers, and Nationwide among others. Every day, these agents are growing their books of business one exclusive lead and one policy at a time. Join the ranks of successful insurance agencies and find exclusive auto leads today!

One of the toughest aspects of owning an insurance agency is generating new leads. There are multiple online lead generation strategies available but finding the ones that work best for you can be challenging. How do you choose the most effective ones? You should remember one key rule: even though lead generation is happening online, ultimately, the foundation of an insurance business is strong relationships. If you want to thrive, you need to first establish and nurture solid relationships with potential clients.

Social media is no longer a tool that's solely meant for people to keep in touch and connect with their friends and family. It has also become an invaluable business development channel. Think about it; Instagram and Facebook now have a marketplace where businesses can sell products to potential clients. Why aren't you leveraging these platforms to generate insurance leads?

Networking exposes you to multiple opportunities that other lead generation strategies will not. Think about it; you gain direct access to potential customers if you partner with lending officers and mortgage brokers. These professionals interact with your target audience daily and have fostered connections that could prove beneficial to your insurance agency. They also know the people who are most likely to convert, so you'll get highly qualified leads.

LinkedIn is rapidly gaining popularity in the insurance industry, and it's not hard to see why. It increases your networking opportunities and plays a huge role in driving traffic, and leads to your agency. Since LinkedIn is a professional platform, having a business page also acts as social proof and increases your credibility.

Depending on your situation, mortgage life insurance may be something that fits your needs or may be an extra cost not worth the price. Mortgage life insurance is much easier to qualify for than individual life insurance, and usually your mortgage lender will ask a few questions before you qualify. This makes it much easier for people with poor health to get some form of life insurance coverage, which can be important to help give you peace of mind especially when getting a large mortgage amount.

Generally, premiums can range between 10 cents to $1.65 for every $1000 in coverage you get depending on your age. Mortgage life insurance premiums start out less expensive for your coverage than other forms of life insurance, however over the long-term mortgage life insurance is more expensive because of the declining coverage. This is because as your mortgage amount is being paid down over-time, the amount left on your mortgage that will be covered in the policy will also decrease.

For example: you have just purchased an $800,000 house with a 20% ($160,000) down payment. Your mortgage amount is $640,000. You pay monthly mortgage life insurance premiums to cover your entire $640,000 mortgage in the event of a tragedy. 10 years later your amount owing is $440,000 as you have paid off some of your principal mortgage balance. You are now continuing to pay the same rate for mortgage life insurance, but the amount of coverage has dropped from being $640,000 initially, to now being only $440,000 as your mortgage amount has also dropped. 041b061a72

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