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Stock Android 8.0 ROM File For Galaxy S8 S8 Plus ((NEW))

The way I did it was download the combination file and flashed it with the modified odin and then it takes you to binary mode and you can access settings to turn off USB debugging. After you do that flash the stock rom of the same model of phone and then it's done.

Stock Android 8.0 ROM File For Galaxy S8 S8 Plus

Lars, are you sure?I don't have this phone.But on my moto G4, with stock android camera, I can pull options from the left hand side and on the shutter type option, I can choose shutter button or tap any where. This focuses and shoots in one.

2. Buy a Galaxy S7, which has an excellent camera, is more weatherproof than the Pixel, and has impressive build quality. However using TouchWiz is annoying and I want lighter, cleaner stock android, plus ideally 64GB or more on board storage. It also has OIS which is welcome. 350c69d7ab

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