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Player Name: Bill
Character: Demetrius of Clan Atrius
Character Class: True Atlantean Voyager
Strengths: Supernatural strength and endurance from the many magical tattoos he has received.  Lives for adventure, and freedom. 
Weaknesses: He cares about others and tends to be quick to jump into action. Oh and he apparently cannot hit the broad side of a barn with his weapon of choice.
Back Story: Demetrius comes from a well known Atlantean clan who is known for being dimensional travelers and explorers. They have permanent settlements among several of the other larger and well known clans in several dimensions. The largest is at Alexandria. Demetrius chose to concentrate his studies towards becoming a Voyager from a very young age. He dreams of seeing more than even the most well traveled Atlantean and being a champion of the oppressed, trapped, and enslaved. He considers this first assignment as a way to prove himself against the dangers of this super charged planet that his ancestors had been forced to abandon.


Name: April
Character: Sophia of Clan Navita
Character OCC: True Atlantean Mind Melter
Strengths: Her impressive array of psychic powers, her skills as a telemechanical adept have made her indispensable to the team. 
Weaknesses: She tends to be very empathic which can sometimes lead her to make emotional decisions. Not necessarily a weakness because her gut tends to be right more often then not. Beyond her impressive psychic powers she is quite "squishy" relying on armor and powers to help shield her from physical attacks. 
Back Story: Sophia was on the path to become a medic for special forces that her clan uses against supernatural evils such as a small/newly established coven of vampires. She is a trained sniper as well as a medic. Then her latent Psychic powers began evidencing themselves and she was urged to "follow your destiny" and so she began her new life as a powerful psychic Mind Melter. This is also her first adventure and as such will test the limits of her abilities.


Player: Chance

Character Name: Felix Character

Class: Totem Warrior

Strengths: Supernatural strength and durability, the protection of the Fox Spirit

Weaknesses: Disregard bordering on disdain for technology. Reckless focus on honor

Backstory/Personality Traits: A member of the Osage tribe, returned after the great spirit journey. Many tribesmen set out to reclaim their ancestral lands, even still disregarding the knowledge of the spirits warning them of the skulls of black death. The rest follow the spirits guidance north to the former site of Mt Rushmore and renamed themselves the Four Fathers Tribe. Many years later a young native american warrior named Felix devoted himself to the totems of the Fox Spirit, gaining great power, and great responsibility to protect the tribes and the spirits. He was given a spirit quest to go to the city of magic and find the one who speaks with great animals and another who's people rose from under the great oceans.

Rembrandt Brown

Name: Mike
Character: Rembrandt Brown
Character OCC: Experiment: Weapon X Super Spy
Strengths: Top Secret 
Weaknesses: Suspicious of everyone. Human and Non-Human alike.

BackStory/Personality Traits: From Earth 316, Rembrandt Brown was hand-selected by Hammer Industries to undergo a project known as Weapon X. Rembrandt's training focused on Cooperate Espinoge and included programs like disguise, code-breaking, surveillance, stealth, and leaving with a trace. 

After hearing about a research lab, called GenTech, was developing new space folding technology, Rembrandt was tasked to steal related data and sabotage any progress he could. Infiltration was the easy part, but during the experiment, lead Scientist Quinn Mallory, flipped a switch, and a RIFT was formed. Rembrandt, along with the other scientists was caught in the pull of the vortex and was sucked in. 

He woke up in a strange new world, with no one in sight. New to this reality, he attempts to blend in
and hopes to find the scientist who brought him here.


Player : nat2shabby

Character Name: Illustra Kraft

Character Class: Psi-Nullifier

Strengths: Being Optimistic and spreading kindness

Weaknesses: using weapons or violence

BackStory/Personality Traits: In the faraway land of Shimmer, lived the Kraft sovereignty. The queen fell sick with an evil magic disease and passed away. The King a few years later remarried a commoner woman from the kingdom. The Princess thought this was progressive despite the criticism of the hushed mouths of the other nobles. But when the Princess became of age the wicked step mother slowly turned her father against her (using evil magic and manipulation). The princess ran away to find a cure for this mental control over her father. Upon finding this out, the Evil Stepmother sent many assassins out to hunt her down. Illustra and her Giant Ferret animal companion, running away frantically from one of them came across a robed figure near the portal of Foreverness and was accidentally sucked into a portal he summoned. Upon arrival in the new land, the robed figure passed her a Vibro-knife and some make-shift armor, pointed her to the nearest direction to town and bid her farewell




Slick needs no introduction 

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