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Player Name: BillyFNWildstar

Character Name: Billy Wildstar

Character Class: Ranger

Strengths: Wilderness Survival - Combat Tactics

Weaknesses: Robophobia - Xenophobia 

BackStory/Personality Traits: Billy left the Coalition when his son began showing aptitude for magic. He's been on an ongoing search for his son and on the run from the Coalition ever since they discovered this. 


Chombo needs no explaining 

Player Name: Erm

Character Name: Ermadin

Character Class: Dwarven Miner
Strengths: Drinking, Mining, Seeking Adventure

Weaknesses: Priorities, Wanderlust

BackStory/Personality Traits: Former miner from another world forced to Rifts Earth after his mining party was caught in a collapse. He spiraled into a depression as he struggled to get home. He signed up to transport Beer for Spunk Brewery out of MercTown. After his last run, he joined a group of treasure hunters following a rare map. On his journey, he discovered a hammer forged by another Dwarven Clan that was attacked and scattered. He agreed to reunite this clan and spent years doing so. He is now the new king of this lost clan that lives among the Appalachian Mountains surviving off the failed attempts to cross it's dangerous passes. He has grown bored of the home life and has decided to set off once again to look for adventure and treasure!

Player Name: NPC

Character Name: Nevil Mayne

Character Class: Gorgon

Strengths: Petrification - Magic

Weaknesses: Silver - Bone

BackStory/Personality Traits: He is from a dimension named Dyval, being a male in his race makes him a rarity AND an outcast. This prejudice, has pushed him to fight for the forces of good, which is in direct conflict with his dimension of origin, and his people. 


Player Name: NPC 

Character Name: Paragon

Character Class: Super Hero

Strengths: Physical Endurance - Flight

Weaknesses: Mental Health - Alcoholism 

BackStory/Personality Traits: He is from a version of earth that has super Heros, he was brought to Rifts Earth about 10 years ago. He found himself overwhelmed by the amount of evil that exists on Rifts Earth and abandoned the super hero life to live as a hermit in a cave. 

Player Name: Kim

Character Name: Katerina

Character Class: Psi-Stalker/Roma-Seer

Strengths: Equal parts magic/Psychic

Weaknesses: Too Trusting

BackStory/Personality Traits: Katerina was raised by a travelling band of Roma but it became quickly apparent she had rare abilities. For her protection, her aunt took her to North American to keep her hidden away until the true nature of her powers were determined.


Player Name: BrusGaskin

Character Name: Rungus Character

Class: Blucie Water Warlock

Strengths: Can eat anything organic, Swimming

Weaknesses: Heat, grey moral areas

BackStory/Personality Traits: His clan was brought here via Rift and after settling was attacked by Splugorth Slavers. His parents were killed defending the clan and everyone else was either killed or captured. He now wants to rid the world of the Splugorth.

Player Name: Emily

Character Name: Nala

Character Class: Mutant Cat Mystic

Strengths: Being Sneaky, Street Smarts

Weaknesses: Wilderness Survival

BackStory/Personality Traits: () Nala was found in the wilderness near Chi-Town and brought into the city by a young caring couple. After only a few years, the couple was killed in the streets leaving Nala to fend for herself. She has gotten by using her skills to help with petty crimes but with no true allegiance towards anyone. She currently works for the Black Market and was sent on a mission with troops from Tolkeen to Madhaven to stock up on Pre-Rifts artifacts and report back any major findings

Player Name: Armann AKA pwndonkeys on every platform
Character Name: Dwyer
Character Class: Human Ley-Line Walker 
Strengths: Magic & Mischief
Weaknesses: Magic & Mischief
BackStory/Personality Traits: Dwyer discovered a latent ability in magic during his early teen years. After an accident which he believed he caused, he ran away from his hometown of Alexandria and learned how to take care of his self.

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