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Pearl Featherly
Good Devil - Head Master GooDevil.png

Player Name: (TavieTrash)

Character Name: (Pearl Featherly)

Character Class: (Mwaterial gurl)

Strengths: (possesses the grace and precision of a trained dancer, has a brain cell, is discrete, kicks real good, is the only party member who isn’t broke)

Weaknesses: (doesn’t have a ranged weapon, is a dick to literally everyone, super judgmental, women)

BackStory/Personality Traits: (She believes she’s better than everyone, nepotism baby, real good at dancing, is super critical of everything and everyone, #trustissues)

Aqua Tofana

Player Name: (VideogameMermaid)

Character Name: (Aqua Tofana)

Character Class: (The Woman behind the Curtain)

Weapon Name: (Man o' War)

Strengths: (Able to traverse the unpredictable nature of The Wilds. Maliciously cooperative. Well practiced with her Semblance ) Weaknesses: (Prefers to be a solo act. Maliciously cooperative.) BackStory/Personality Traits: (Quick to act, but slow to warm to others. Aqua spent her formative years honing her semblance for the gang of outlaws that raised her. However, as the gang's tactics grew in violence, Aqua found that her values no longer aligned with theirs and set off on her own. Only to be discovered by a wandering Huntress who convinced Aqua to enroll in Shade Academy)

Jiminy Henson - Phelix.png
Jack Blaque

Player Name: (MercPuppy)

Character Name: (Jack Blaque)

Character Class: (The Gambler)

Weapon Name: (Aces)

Strengths: (A Stylish smooth talker)

Weaknesses: (His gambles don't always pay off)

BackStory/Personality Traits: (Grew up on the streets of Mistral. Parents cared more about using their money for themselves then for their own child, so he decided to leave them. Spent the majority of his childhood on the streets, pickpocketing and hustling to get by. After getting caught a few times he learned to harness his semblance to shift the blame off of himself. Eventually someone discovered him and his semblance and offered him work, someone who later becomes a mentor to him and changes his life.)

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