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Player Name: 

Name: Bejor Birkazin 

Species: Trill  

Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Traits: Trill, unjoined, Male, StarFleet Officer, Security Chief, Prosthetic eye implant (Artificial Sense)
Assignment: USS Norway 




Q's impressions: "Alas poor Ensign Alpo, we knew him not at all. Really, the carelessness with those under his care is rivaled only by his poor marksmanship."

Star Trek 1.png

Player Name: Armann 
Name: Roland Sykes 

Rank: Captain
Traits: Human, Male, Starfleet Captain
Assignment: USS Norway

Strengths: Science & Diplomacy

Weaknesses: Micromanagement & Rank Pulling

Back Story/Bio: Roland decided to join Starfleet Academy against the wishes of his parents. The newly constructed U.S.S. Norway, the first of her class is his first command. He is very much trying to mold both the new ship and crew into a cohesive unit in the face of ever changing pressures and priorities of a post WOLF 359 Starfleet. Despite being a skilled diplomat he does not extend those talents to working with others in Starfleet and can be seen as overbearing and more authoritative than a typical Starfleet Captain with lower ranking officers.

Star Trek 2.png

Player Name: Nat2Shabby
Name: Bahl Ch'zothis 

Species: Andorian 
Rank: Commander
Traits: Andorian, Chan, StarFleet Officer, First Officer, Flight Control Officer
Assignment: USS Norway

Strengths: Brute Force, Duty

Weaknesses: Emotional Reactions, Unsympathetic

Back Story/Bio: Bahl comes from a family that all served in the Imperial Guard.  But his interests in music kept his focus from his duties.  But after some choice words with the wrong people, he was transferred from the Imperial Guard to Star Fleet.  His appreciation for other cultures ends with music as he has a hard time understanding what drives these other beings, but he hides behind duty to get by.

Star Trek 3.png

Player Name: 

Name: Sivek 

Species: Vulcanian 
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Traits: Vulcanian, Male, StarFleet Officer, Chief Engineer
Assignment: USS Norway


Star Trek 4.png

Player Name: 

Name: Demona Desmond 

Species: Human Rank: Lieutenant

Homeworld: Angel One (privileged)
Traits: Human, Very tall (7'), NON UFP member world, even stronger than she looks, Starfleet Officer, Starfleet Engineer, Hazard/Reaction Team Member

Assignment: StarFleet Intelligence

Q's impressions: "Engaged to another Starfleet officer?!?!?! My good woman, I don't think you have read much about Starfleet officer's history in such matters. Oh well, maybe you will beat the odds."

Back Story/Bio: D. Desmond is a walking wonder to most people with her 7ft. Height and her dark cold eyes. Outcast by her government and home world for joining Starfleet and wanting to be more for her unique skills. Specializing in engineering and problem solving in different unusual ways. She has a beautiful singing voice that she has been known to occasionally serenade in a garden or on the holodeck. Starfleet intelligence has used her unique assets for surveillance and undercover work.

Star Trek 5.png

Player Name: 

Name: Aria Burx 

Species: Betazoid 
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Traits: Betazoid, Female, Empath, StarFleet  Officer, Chief Medical Officer
Assignment: USS Norway




Q's impressions:" "


Brief Overview:

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